One Picture, A Thousand Words: Passion Passport

This is still one of my favourite images. Created for the purpose of accompanying my entry to Passion Passport's Bucket List Initiative, this was my entry:

 "My bucket list grows every day, and the race to the top of the line is a constant battle between several locations.

Having a passion for food photography, artistic styling and visual storytelling, I have a real interest in documenting the feeling of a place through its food, lifestyle and local aesthetics. One of the things I love most about food photography and styling is how it can transport you to another world through one image. Creatively, when working on any project, my point of inspiration always comes from a place as every environment has a story waiting to be told.

My dream is to, over the span of my life, travel around the world documenting the different feelings, emotions and cultures that exist through these storytelling images based around local food and produce.

I would love to start the first phase of this project in Delhi, India and transport viewers to this location through carefully curated imagery that captures the vibrancy of this city. Delhi, India to me, is such an inspiration visually with its vibrant colours, sights, smells and textures and the rhythmic chaos of the local street food markets and would be a location that would provide for not only beautiful images, but also the inspiration for new adventures."

I entered the contest over a year ago and a few weeks after my submission I saw that I wasn't one of the 3 finalist. I was bummed out to be honest but I quickly brushed it off and went on to my next project. A few weeks later I received a call from a rep from Passion Passport, thanking me for my entry and telling me that I had made it from over 1000s into the final 20 that were shortlisted. The entire team wanted to back my story and it went forward to their guest judges who decided to put forward stories, one of which was not mine. They expressed their disappointment that I was unable to move forward and encouraged me to apply again, as it was something they really wanted to feature in their publication. Somehow I forgot about this over the past year. I think current goals and projects took over and it went to the back of my mind.  Having been a year from this original image, I still feel quite passionately about my bucket list idea. Maybe I will toss it back in the ring again during the next round. Fingers crossed.

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