Eat, Venture, Shoot: The Costa Brava

Sometimes when out and about I don't feel like taking all my gear with me. This was the case the week I was in Calella Spain. I had a minor injury in my leg (ok I couldn't really walk at all) and I had fallen victim to the 3 Bs of travel: bruises, burns and bug bites. I just couldn't handle carrying around the weight of my gear for a few days  just wanted to take it easy, but didn't want to miss capturing the place. The solution? My iphone. Man I have grown to love that thing. Initially I was in love with the functionality of it as a life tool but recently it has taken a special place in my heart and tool box as a pretty solid piece of photographic gear. The following pics were all captured on the fly, using the camera+ app with my iphone 5s and edited using the VSCO app. Not too shabby for on the fly photography eh?