Eat, Venture Shoot: Cortona, Italy

If you like to eat food, specifically carbs, go to Italy. If you want to learn how to make said food, go to a small village called Cortona. I spent 4 days in Cortona last summer (see the pics here) and part of that trip was spent at a Tuscan cooking school.

The day started with a trip to the local market to pick up our ingredients and then we drove out to a villa about 20 minutes outside of Cortona. There we undertook the unimaginable and an obscene amount of food was created and then devoured. Never in my life have I cooked and eaten as much as we did on that very long day. I tackled: three types of pasta (all handmade), 2 meat entrees (chicken and beef), stuffed tomatoes, roasted eggplant mini pizzas, tuscan beans & crostini, bruschetta, a meat and cheese plate, garlic mushrooms, tiramisu and tuscan lemon and olive oil cake (get the recipe for this glorious cake here). And for those of you who are wondering, I did have a food coma/hangover the next day. Thank god there were epic thunderstorms with crashing winds occurring or I would have felt guilty for laying in bed all day. So, was it worth it? Ask my friends who sometimes get treated to a lovely lemon cake ;)

- Buon Appetito!


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