Feeling Write

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I want to write. I need to write. So? Then fu*king write! Right? Ugh, I know. 

If only it were that easy. The prospect of a new project energizes me but can also leave me at a standstill not knowing where or how to start. And when you sit around waiting for the "right" time or way to start guess what happens? Nothing. Tumble weeds. 

So I want to write? But I really don't know where to start or what to do or what the end product will be. So then guess what I am going to have to do? There are no bonus prizes if you guessed this, but here it is: I need to just START writing. 

Where did this all come from? Well, initially from an interest in creating a podcast. Hang on....What? Now we're talking about podcasting? I know, I know. Welcome to my brain...Right, so I am in the process of learning about podcasting and starting to sketch out the set up for one. Why? Well, I want to take on this medium and use it to tell the stories of the chaos, the emotion, the ups and the downs the heart aches and the celebrations of my life in the kitchen with the group of teens I work with at The Harvest Spoon ( check out our website while its being built: www.theharvestspoon.ca) 

Anyways, I don't see these two things as totally separate from each other. The key unifying element here is storytelling. How do you effectively tell a story? Through images, audio and the written word. It all has its place. I see writing a natural extension of the story telling I already do visually. And so, I will write. I will start to flesh out these stories and thoughts  I have swirling around my head that I have picked up along the way and drop them here. If you like it great, and if you don’t...well, I don’t really care because I am still going to write (Thank you Mark Manson!) 

This will be an ongoing learning process for me. Please please please, feel free to add your comments and critiques after each post. And if you see a typo/error - PLEASE let me know! I encourage it. I really want to hear from you throughout this whole thing as it takes form. Your ideas, thoughts, questions that come up – anything! If  you find something really hits home with you, feel free to share that post on facebook, twitter or whatever platform you hang out on.  

Where this will go from here, I have no idea. Buckle up kids, we're off on an adventure!