One Picture, A Thousand Words: Paris

Paris - August 2015.

I was that annoying person who stood still in a crowd for what felt like a lifetime. Bracing myself, holding my phone...waiting.

Waiting for the stars to align and for the universe to fling open the doors of opportunity exposing that one pure critical moment and hopefully I would be able to grab it.

I did.

This images is so simple but it makes my heart sing. The light, the lines, the way the shapes all line up into a harmonious whole. Everything from the progression of size to the way the crowd arranges themselves into a pyramid shape similar to the ones in the background. 

What I love about photography is the way it forces us to slow down. Forces you to exercise patience and self control all while having a mindful awareness of your visual sense. Everything else gets blocked out. No sounds. No smells. Nothing. Just what you see as you sit there waiting.

J'adore Paris.