Look Up

Slow down you’re moving too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last...
— Simon & Garfunkel

 One of the reasons I love photography is how it forces my brain to slow down. At one point during my trip last summer I found myself racing around, against the clock to cram it all in. I was rushing from site to site as fast as I can so I could "grab the shot" and move on. The result? I was a cranky assed photographer. And I wasn't getting the shots I wanted. When I try to do too much I can't shoot. I can't think creatively and I get incredibly frustrated. So what's the point of rushing? I've learned that with travel photography I need to slow my pace or shorten my list of what I want to see that day. It's about embracing the art of doing nothing - "dolce far niente" as the Italian saying goes. Once I adjusted my pace magical things started to happen. I could literally "see" again. Next time you're out somewhere try it on see how it goes. (Ok if that idea is too stressful for you, try for just one day, or one hour even, please?)

Here's a photo I snapped on my iphone will taking the time to just sit and absorb my surroundings. If I hadn't been doing that I may not have taken the time to look up and watch the clouds create such a dramatic pattern in the sky. 


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