This Webinar {{WONT}} Change Your Life | Jennifer Hulley Food Photographer, Hamilton / Toronto Ontario


I am so bloody sick of the influx of social media marketing webinars targeted at entrepreneurs that are flooding my Facebook stream right now. I have given WAY too much of my time watching them. I may actually have a problem. 

Jennifer Hulley food photographer hamilton toronto ontario

In fact, I do have a problem. The problem is this – I see a catchy tag line, a quick video and a call to action and I am hooked! I sign up and eagerly await the link to show up in my inbox. I wait for the webinar to start and then when it's complete I wait...I am STILL waiting. 

I am waiting for some legitimate information or tips that can help me to fill my screen. I am waiting for some guidance, some inspiration, some "a-ha" moment to happen. What I am NOT waiting for is the final 15 minutes that are devoted to a "if you really want to learn the ins and outs of this click on this link and register your seat in my full workshop for a fee of..." 

I have a huge problem with this. Disguising a marketing ploy as a genuine attempt to help people when you are only trying to help yourself makes me angry! I am a no bs type person and I believe in transparency. Do I generate income from teaching and coaching people with creative undertakings and helping them to improve their photography skills for their business. Absolutely. But I believe that I am upfront about it. I never want to be a person who gives away "free" services as a guise for actually reeling in someone for paid work. I think its like psychological manipulative to get someone interested, have them invested and at the point where they are waiting to hear more and then drop a dollar sign on them. Maybe that’s the whole point of marketing though...does it have to be though? 

So in the interest of sharing and supporting the growth of like minded entrepreneurs I'm going to make a conscious effort to share tips and tricks I find a long the way. No hook at the end. No hidden secrets that will be unveiled for you when you book a session. Can you book a session with me? Sure! What's the difference between my blogged tips and booked sessions? Well creative coaching and workshops are intensive. They are for an entire day or over a period of time and are totally individualized and look at your own business, your portfolio, your branding and we work TOGETHER to begin to create perfect content for your story.  

Up first in this share what you know series, my love affair with VSCO, Light it Right and more. Watch this space.