Food: Deconstructed

A while a go I undertook (well actually failed to complete) a 100 day project (blog post re: failure can be found here) where I decided to focus on learning to take better food photos with my iphone. I tend to seperate types of photography in my head as DLSR appropriate or iphone appropriate. Up until this point I had never taken styled images of food with my iphone. I had recently seen a post in Bon Appetit Magazine's blog about how many of their photographers use mobile photography for their images and I was intrigued.  And thus, the iphonegraphy set entitled Food: Deconstructed created. It was developed with the aim to recreate dishes and recipes from its parts, by taking it apart into individual pieces and then putting it back together. All images were shot on an iphone 5s and edited upsing PS Express and VSCO.