Havana Street Photography: Get In Close

Photography is a lesson in confidence. It can easily be misinterpreted as a passive hobby, where one simply sits back and waits, snapping away and creating magic. I've learned through my many artistic projects that this simply is not true. Without the confidence and the "balls" to go for it and grab the shot that you want, you will always leave disappointed. Photography requires the confidence to do whatever it takes, whether that's lying flat on your stomach on a busy sidewalk or approaching an unknown person asking to take their photo. 

I am terrified of street photography. But I LOVE it. I see so many inspiring images floating around and I often "I wish I could do that," and carry on with my usual way of documenting a new place. When I was in Cuba this year I decided I would have to push through this fear and begin to photograph people that I don't know! It wasn't easy and I worked my way up to the challenge over the 5 days I was there. Phase 1 was about watching the people and the moments unfold and being able to capture environmental candids effectively (see the post here), and step 2 was to begin to get in close to my subjects. I wanted to keep an element of candidness in the imagery and so Iw as not yet asking anyone to pose but rather wanted to document them going about their business. The main difference however was that I was not hiding behind the safety of my zoom lens and these images required me to be close to the individuals, who were aware that I was taking their photo. This was still hugely nerve wracking to me.

Here are a few of the images I collected during the second phase of my Havana street photography series. (**No, by some miracle I did not get a basketball to the face)


Up next is part 3 of the series in which I actually approach a human being and have them look at the camera and pose. It's more terrifying than it sounds.

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