Get Over Your Gear: iphoneography

I'll admit it, I'm kinda addicted to this "I need my DSLR" crutch/excuse when it comes to shooting. I am really trying to move past that and embrace the idea that "the best camera is the one you have on you at the time" mantra.  

 Phase 1 - learn to love iphoneography. 

 Upgrading my horrible excuse for a smart phone (I won't name names here) to an iphone 2 years ago was a big deal, and was pretty much justified with the notion that I wanted a killer point and shoot, ready to go camera with me at all times. And guess what? I've taken like 10 pictures on it that I've kept. I've learned to love my iphone for other productivity and life flow reasons but the initial idea of on the fly photography seems to have been abandoned somewhere.  

 This is going to be hard for me. I love the "shiny sparkly omg that’s so clear and crisp" look you get from DLSR shooting. I also love the control that you can execute with all the settings. (Have I mentioned my visual perfectionist control freak tendencies before? LOL). I can't seem to replicate this with the iphone. But maybe that's not the point of it. 

 I forced myself to shoot with only my iPhone over the summer. I even did this some days while travelling in Europe. I was terrified. What would happen to my Instagram feed? Surely the drop in image quality and excellence would send followed running to the hills, no? (Yes I know how ridiculous this sounds but anyone who's suffered from some form of artistic self doubt will understand what I am talking about).  

 Now its September, and I'm in the middle of working through the massive assortment of images I took on my trip, both DSLR images and those on my iphone. And you know what? A large majority of my favourite images have come from my iphone. Go figure. I find I shoot differently with my iphone than my DLSR. Not in a totally dramatic way that makes my images look like they don't belong to me or my style, but I find the way I approach the moment is different, and I am more likely to try new things or shoot a little outside of my comfort zone.   

Have a look at some of my images from taken this summer during my "get my feet wet phase" in iphoneography. There's a mix of types of images in the gallery below, some self portraits, and some more abstract type images, and to be honest, I ended up enjoying this type of shooting more than I thought I would. Each image can be clicked on if you wish to see it larger.