Havana Street Photography: Look At Me!

Last march I set out on a mission: to work up the courage to take a stranger's photograph! I dabbled slowly into the world of street photography, working in small increments of challenge (see phase 1 and phase 2). Finally I got to the point where I had to interact with a real live person, acknowledge I was going to take their photo and have them look into the camera.

I  am not a fan of "say cheese and smile" type images and  I try to capture a person's truth and personality in an authentic way. The struggle I seemed to run into in Havana was their desire to look into the  camera and "pose" with a smile. It reminded me too much of a terrible tourism brochure and so I tried to explain to them to just go about their business and would end up taking photos in between the "smile and say cheese!" images. The result was that I didn't come out with as many images as I liked. But I did manage to get a few of these kids who were playing on the street:


An example of a fine cuban gentleman trying to "help" by posing for a photo. Not my cup of tea when documenting a place and it's people!


Baby steps folks. Now that I know I can take pictures of people without spontaneously combusting maybe I will be able to muster up the courage to get some more portraits while I am on my trip to New Orleans this march.