Havana Street Photography: Environmental Candids

Fight the fear and try something new. Or at least that is what I was constantly telling myself during my trip to Havana. 

Havana is an overwhelming cacophony of sensory input. The sights, the sounds, the smells (oh my were there smells...) can be overpowering at times, leaving you standing still like a deer in the headlights. Never have I seen an environment that is so rich is it's layering of colour and texture. One undeniable layer are the people who make up this city. Their personality, style and charisma adds an extra layer to the charm of this place.

I don't do street photography. When I travel I take pictures of places and things, featuring a lot of light and a lot of lines. I come home with images that I am happy with and represent the way I took in the place. I knew I couldn't do that with Havana. To come home without images that showcased the people that are such a big part of your experience wouldn't do it justice.

I had to start small. Taking pictures of people in their natural environment can be terrifying. Why? I have no idea. It's that fear of being caught out or discovered and also the intrusive element that comes along with it. I had to start small and so initially I set myself with a daily goal of capturing the people, unknowingly while in their environment. A series of environmental candids if you will. These were either taken from quite a distance, with a long lens or as a sneaky iphoneography snap and so they were totally unaware that it was them I was capturing vs something near them. The invisibility factor is key!