Do This: VSCO (you'll thank me later)


What’s my number one tip for curating a kick ass instagram feed? Make your photos look NOT like instagram photos. 

Jennifer Hulley food photographer hamilton toronto ontario

I love instagram as a social platform, for sharing, connecting, showcasing. But for shooting, editing and processing photos it is terrible! Nothing screams amateur more than a heavily processed image that looks like its been run through an Instagram filter at full tilt. 

 There is so much beautiful content on instagram, and typically the ones that make us really step back and say wow have something in common. Their processing is bang on. It looks artistic without being a hot mess. There's the right amount of tinting, contrast and hipster fading (if that's your thing) and almost looks like it was shot and edited with a big fancy DSLR and editing suite. Now, some definitely are, as many are in my feed, but do not be discouraged! It's totally possible to have some kick ass images from your phone and using a mobile editing program. In fact, Bon Appetit Magazine published an entire issue using only mobile photography! Seriously! The camera and editing program that you carry in your pocket or purse is totally powerful. You just need to know how to use it. 

 My first recommendation to people is always to totally cut yourself off from editing your photos in Instagram. I NEVER want to see you put an image through one of their filters again. In fact, I may confiscate your phone if this happens. 

So what do you do? 

 Download THIS and then choose which filters you want to buy. Yes, you have to BUY filters. But they are amazing. It literally is a "you get what you pay for scenario" And when you dish out nothing and take freebies, you get...nothing. VSCO is totally affordable and completely professional looking. And the price point is on point, totally doable - a pack of 5 – 10 filters runs from about $2.99 to $5.00. Easy right? Now don't you feel bad for rolling your eyes when I said you had to pay.

Some of my recent favourite iphonepgraphy / VSCO images: